Model VT-4
HF Quick Erect Tactical Whip Antenna Omni 2-30 MHz

Frequency Range: 2-30 MHz
VSWR: 1.5:1 Avg
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 30’ D x 27.2′
Requirements: Tuner
NSN: 5985-01-332-3404
Military Nomenclature: AS-3974/TYQ-23V
Model Number: VT-4
Part Number(s): 1500-0268-201

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The AS-3974/TYQ-23 (V) HF Whip Antenna is a nomenclatured sectionalized fiberglass assembly consisting of six sections and a base section. This quick erect tactical antenna was designed for tactical field operations where transportability is essential and erection and disassembly must be accomplished in a minimum time by a minimum number of personnel.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 2-30 MHz
Gain 0 dBi
Power Capability 1 kW Avg/PEP
VSWR 1.0:1 Max
***Wind, Survival 115 mph (100 knots)
Altitude Operation 12,000 ft
Part Number 1500-0268-201 (Military),1500-0376-201 (Commercial)
Installation Time 2 men, 10 min (After installation anchors)
Height 27.2 ft
Shock / Vibration 33g, 33ms, ½ sine
Solar Loading 360 BTU/hr per ft² at 65° C
Rain 4 in / hr, 40 mph winds
Snow and Ice 4.5 lbs / ft² (22 kg/mt²)
Altitude Storage 40,000 ft
Impedance 50 ohms
Temperature Operation -54° C to +65° C
Storage Temperature Range -62° C to +71° C
Stowed Dimensions 8.3 ft
***Wind, Operational 86 mph (75 knots)
Nomenclature AS-3974/TYQ-23(V)
Service Life Continuous & unattended
Mounting Either ground mounted with guys or shelter mounted without guys
Fungus MIL-STD-454, Requirement 4
Humidity MIL-STD-810, Method 507.2, Procedure III
Salt Fog MIL-STD-810, Method 509.2
Sand & Dust MIL-STD-810, Method 510.2, Procedures I & II
Vibration, Stowed MIL-STD-810, Procedure I
Polarization Vertical