Model VOT
VHF Omnirange Test Antenna 108-118 MHz

Frequency Range: 108-118 MHz
VSWR: 1.2:1
Polarization: Horizontal
Pattern: Omni-directional
Size: 15.5″ H x 24.6″ L x 24.6″ W

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The VHF Omnirange Test (VOT) Antenna is designed for use in airport test facility applications. The test facilities transmit a composite test signal for calibration of aircraft VOR equipment.


The antenna is designed as a low-power transmit loop implemented as a stripline device on a fiberglass circuit board substrate. A second closely coupled monitor loop is incorporated on the circuit board. The monitor loop provides a -5.4 dB output sample of the transmitted signal to appropriate monitoring equipment.


The antenna is housed in a protective aviation orange radome constructed of LP-383 fiberglass with a durable gel coat finish. Mounting provisions are for a standard 2.5″ support pipe. Interface connectors for the transmit and monitor loop are Type “N”.


The antenna has integral wiring and grounding provisions for a dual obstruction light.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 108-118 MHz
Polarization Horizontal
VSWR 1.2:1
Relative Humidity 100 %
Wind & Ice 100 MPH with ½” encased ice
Finish 108-118 MHz
Weight 14 lbs
Size 15.5″ H x 24.6″ L x 24.6″ W
Power, Transmit 2 Watt Avg / 8 Watt PEP
Cross Polarization -20 dB Minimum
Rain 4 Inches / Hour
Monitor Level -5.4 dB
Temperature -50 C to +70 C
Input Impedance 50 Ohms Unbalanced
Pattern Omni, within 2 dB
Interface Connectors Type “N”