Model TS-68C
60′ SS RTR Antenna Tower
8 Arm Assembled

Height: 60′
Support: Self-supported
Arms/Mounts: 8
Assembly: At Factory
Part Number: 1500-0447-203

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The Remote Transmitter/Receiver Facilities (RTR) towers are designed to support up to eight antennas, either UHF or VHF, for ground to air communications at airports or remote air traffic control sites. The towers are designed to the requirements of TIA/EIA-222-F, 105 MPH wind load. The self-supported towers come in 10 and 20 feet bolted sections and vary in height from 20 to 70 feet. A guyed version is available in 70, 80, 90 and 100 feet heights. The self-supported and guyed towers are offered as knock-down or assembled sections.

Spec Sheet


Part Number 1500-0447-203
Height 60 feet
Description 6 antenna mounts, shipped unassembled