Model TS-3620
20′ Steel Antenna Tower 36″ Face

Section Length: 20′
Section Weight: 525 lbs
Face Width: 36″
Load Capacity: 95,000 lbs

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The tower sections are supplied in 20 foot lengths with flanged joints to allow easy and rapid assembly. Each section has horizontal and diagonal braces welded in place. The braces are bolted in on larger face towers in order to save on shipping volume. Each section is hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to ensure corrosion resistance. Antenna Products will also design towers to comply with your specific requirements.

Obstruction marking orange and white paint, lighting kit, grounding kit and guy kit are optional.

Spec Sheet

Projected Face Area, In2 1,800
Radius Of Gyration In 11.78
Section Length, ft 20
Section Modulus, In3 In3 34.03
Cross Section Area In2 Cross Section Area In2 5.11
Section Weight, lbs 525
Inertia, In4 707
Gross Axial Load Capacity, lbs 95,090
Max Moment, ft lbs 99,250
Brace Materials A36
Leg Materials A53 Type E
Finish Hot Dip Galvanize