Safety Climb Tower Ladders
10 – 20 foot lengths designed for 300 lbs. live loads

10 – 20 foot lengths. Designed for 300 lbs. live loads.

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Antenna Products’ tower ladders are designed for 300 lbs. live loads and are supplied in welded 10-foot or 20-foot lengths of galvanized steel. The ladder steps are 3/4 inches diameter and on 12-inch spacings. The width is 16 inches as required by OSHA. The ladder may be fastened to a tower face with two U-bolt fasteners every 10 feet for attachment to braces, or to a tower leg with a tower leg adapter which positions the ladder 7 inches from the tower leg every 10 feet. The tower leg adapter comes in various sizes to adapt to carious tower legs. When ordering, a customer should state the tower leg diameter to the nearest 1/2 inch. The ladder sections are fastened together by two standard bolts. An overlap of two inches per ladder section should be considered when calculating the total ladder length.

Safety Notice

Antenna Products Corporation safety climbing devices are engineered for use only with the appropriate Antenna Products Corporation equipment. All components of the safety climb system, including the rail, climbing sleeve, attachment point devices, top stops, splice components and mandrils, must be manufactured by Antenna Products Corporation.