Model TLP-28
VHF Transportable LP Antenna 28-100 MHz

Frequency Range: 28-100 MHz
Gain: 5 dBi
VSWR: 2.4:1 Nominal 30-100 MHz, 3.0:1 from 28-30 MHz
Polarization: Vertical or Vertical
Pattern: Log Periodic

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The TLP-28 tactical log periodic is designed for use in the 28-100 Mhz frequency band and is capable of handling 1 kW average. The antenna is suitable for point-to-point communications or for surveillance applications. The antenna is usable down to 20 Mhz for receiving purposes. The boom and elements are constructed from corrosion resistant aluminum with stainless steel fittings and fiberglass insulators. The elements and boom are engraved and easily identifiable to facilitate rapid assembly and dismantling. The antenna is supplied in a durable carrying bag containing the two boom sections, radiating elements and the dual polarity mounting adapter. The antenna has a 1.5 inch diameter mounting fastener and interfaces directly with telescoping mast PM-459, which has a fiberglass top section to minimize pattern distortion when the antenna is used in the vertically polarized mode.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 28-100 MHz
Input Impedance 50 Ohms Unbalanced
Weight 43 lbs
RF Power 1 kW PEP
Wind Loading 100 mph, no ice
Boom Length 13.5 ft
VSWR 2.4:1 Nominal 30-100 MHz, 3.0:1 from 28-30 MHz
Average Gain 5 dBi
Longest Element 6.25 ft
H Plane Beamwidth Nominally 100-130 Degrees
E Plane Beamwidth Nominally 70-80 Degrees
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal