Surge Arrestor for 2-30 MHz Whip Antenna

Peak: 20.0 +- 2kV
Breakdown Voltage: 60 Hz
Material: Copper Alloy C3600 (Brass) per QQ-B-626, Comp 22
Antenna Used On: VT-4
Antenna Part No: 1500-0376-201
Antenna Nomenclature: AS-3974/TYQ-23(V)

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Additional Product Info

This surge arrestor connects to the VT-4 HF Whip Antenna and was designed to protect the antennas electrical system from lightning and other high-voltage surges. The effectiveness of this device depends on reducing the transient system overvoltages to levels compatible with the terminal-apparatus insulation keeping the antenna system protected. This antenna is a nomenclatured sectionalized fiberglass assembly consisting of six sections and a base section. This quick erect tactical antenna was designed for tactical field operations where transportability is essential and erection and disassembly must be accomplished in a minimum time by a minimum number of personnel.

Spec Sheet

Antenna Used On (VT-4 Antenna) 1500-0268-201 (Military), 1500-0376-201 (Commercial)
Temperature Operation -10° C to +60° C
Peak, Breakdown Voltage 20.0 ± 2 kV, 60 Hz
Temperature Storage -62° C to +85° C
Part Number 8900-0475-001
Antenna Nomenclature AS-3974/TYQ-23(V)
Material Copper Alloy C3600 (Brass) per QQ-B-626, Comp 22