Model OA-9242A-V-4/SR
Heavy Duty Shipboard Tilt Unit – Dual

Weight: 1,037 lbs
Height: 39″ raised, 26.25″ lowered
Depth: 22″ vertical, 36″ @ 90 degrees
Tilt Angle Presets: 90°, 105°, 115°
Operating Speed: 90° in 19.6 seconds (powered)
Motor: 2 HP 440 VAC, 3 Ø Type 1 Shipboard

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Tilt Units For Mounting Dual HF Whip Antennas

The OA-9242A (V) 4/SR & OA-9243A (V) 4/SR series shipboard tilt units are modular electromechanical systems for lowering and raising dual shipboard communication antennas. These units and the single antenna variants (OA-9242A (V) 3/SR & OA-9243A (V) 3/SR series) have over 90% commonality of components.

The drive element is a two-stage planetary gear assembly. The OA-9242A (V) 4/SR uses a 2-horsepower brakemotor, while the OA-9243A (V) 4/SR uses a 1-horsepower brakemotor. The electrical controls are located in the pedestal for local operation, while an optional remote control will operate up to three units at a maximum of 1,200 feet away. A manually operated handcrank provides emergency control in the event of electrical failure. Tilt angles may be preset to any angle from vertical through 115, and powered rotation from vertical to 90 horizontal takes only 20 seconds. All units may be tilted inboard to expedite antenna maintenance, removal or installation. Converting from dual to single antenna configuration is accomplished by removing one support arm. Provisions for mounting antenna tuners and couplers are available in rotating elements, permitting antenna feedwire lengths to be kept to a minimum. Compression pads are activated at vertical and horizontal limits to reduce shock and vibration loads from being transmitted to the rotating elements. Cam operated limit switches control the vertical and horizontal positioning. An overtravel limit switch removes all power to the drive motor in the event of limit switch failure. These units are designed to withstand loads of 1,000,000 in/lb, and are normally used where green water loads are a major concern. Manual crank versions are also available.

Optional equipment includes the C-11549 remote control unit and ID-2371 remote indicating unit.

New, Refurbish and Spare parts list for this model may be obtained by downloading the product information file.

Spec Sheet

Static Load Capacity, HD 1,000,000 In/Lb
Dynamic Load Capacity, HD 100,000 In/Lb
Weight, STU-4HD 1037 lbs
Motor, HD 2 Hp, 440 VAC, 3 Phase type 1 Shipboard
Depth, Vertical Position 22 Inches
Height Lowered 26 1/4 Inches.
Height Raised 38 3/8 Inches
Manual Operating Speed 90 Degrees = 132 Turns
Powered Operating Speed 90 Degrees In 19.6 Seconds
Tilt Angle Presets 90, 105 Or 115 Degrees
Finish Haze Gray Powder Coat
Motor Controller MIL-C-2212 Size 1
Shock Mil-S-901C
Vibration MIL-STD-167-1
Temperature-Humidity Mil-Std-810, Method 501 & 507
Dust Test MIL-STD-810, Method 510
Ice Test Mil-Std-810, Method 521