MM Telescoping Mast Series

8M-12M Lightweight Push-Up Aluminum Telescoping Masts.

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Applications: Antenna Products’ series of telescopic masts are precision engineered and designed to meet a wide variety of antenna communication requirements. The masts can be used to support many different types of antennas, such as microwave antennas, whips, dipoles, VHF/UHF log periodic arrays, etc. Other uses include support of loud speakers, cameras, and floodlights for airfields and construction sites. Features: These masts are light, reliable, and remarkably simple to erect, even by one man. Manufactured from high-tensile aluminum alloy, they are then anodized and dyed olive drab. Each section is positively locked on its full or partially-extended position by a specially designed friction clamp. This clamp, also anodized, is a particular feature which provides a positive self-aligning clamping force actuated by a lever, forming an over-center locking arrangement. Characteristics: The rate of fall during retraction is controlled by a pneumatic damping system which ensures the safety of the operator and the equipment attached to the mast. The mast normally is supplied complete with an accessory kit comprising all items needed for field deployment. Vehicle mounting kits also can be supplied if adequate information on vehicle design is available. Shelter cabin and wall mount kits, foot pumps, and compressors (for pneumatic versions) are optional. Accessories: Intermediate Duty Mast: The intermediate duty mast is similar in construction as the lightweight mast, but will handle much higher head loads. The four models available come in heights of approximately 22 ft., 39 ft., 49 ft., and 56 ft. fully extended, and with specified guying will withstand winds in excess of 100 mph. All the intermediate duty masts are pneumatic operated, and can be extended by either a foot pump or an electrically operated compressor. All models incorporate a keyway (groove) in each tube section to prevent relative rotation between sections. The masts can be turned (rotated) manually from ground level, using the ladder leg assembly as a turning lever. The guy brackets allow the mast to turn (freely) without changing the guy location or tension. This is an ideal feature when using a directional antenna which needs to be set at a specific azimuth bearing. Equipment Supplied: The mast comes with a standard accessory kit and included all items needed for ground mounting. The kits consist of 3 level-3 lane guying systems, guy anchors, ladder assembly, hammer, base plate, base plate pins, tool kit, etc. The guys, which are pre-stretched rope, are fitted with special shaped tags enabling the operator to identify each level in darkness, thus permitting erection at night without the use of lights. Bar type guy adjusters are standard, but new self-locking tensioners are available as an optional accessory and must be specified with order. Rugged canvas bags are supplied for the mast and accessory kit. A sufficient tool kit is supplied and can be used for maintenance in the field by relatively unskilled personnel. Optional Equipment: Vehicle lower mounting bracket Vehicle upper mounting bracket (fixed) Vehicle upper mounting bracket (rotatable) Vehicle rooftop sliding carriage mount Winch-up tilt (vehicular) Winch-up tilt (rotatable) Self-locking Tensioners Foot pump Compressor Mast turning handles Centralized guying system (1 man adjustment/installation) Shelter mounting bracket Shelter mounting bracket (fixed) Shelter mounting brackets (rotatable)

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