Model MAS-3
HF Multiport Antenna w/RLPA 2-30×3/4-30×2 MHz 106 ft

Frequency Range: 2-30, 4-30, 4-30, 2-30, 2-30 MHz
Gain: 7, 7, 7, 7, 9-12 dBi
VSWR: 2:1, 3.5:1 max, 2:1, 2:1, 2.5:1
Polarization: Elliptical, Vertical, Horizontal, Elliptical, Horizontal
Pattern: Omni, Omni, Omni, Omni, Directional
Size: 106′ H x 100′ L x 100′ W

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The MAS-3 multiport antenna system is designed for installations where space is at a premium and the communication requirements is for several circuits simultaneously having a variety of path lengths. It provides five independent antenna modes. Two of these modes are NVIS modes for short range skywave circuits; two are low angle modes for medium range circuits; and the fifth mode is a high gain rotatable log periodic antenna for long range circuits. The relatively small installation area together with the five independent antenna ports makes the MAS-3 ideally suited for congested antenna fields or sites where space is severely limited.


The MAS-3 multiport antenna system combines the four omnidirectional port capability of the SPQ-330 with the rotatable log periodic array (RLPA) features of the LPH-1A to provide a truly five port antenna system occupying the space normally required for a single antenna. All five ports may be used independently for transmit or receive. The RLPA has high gain, azimuth selection and permits communication between a fixed site and mobile stations such as ships and aircraft. It also features a torque tube and base-located rotator thereby providing high reliability and easy accessibility for inspections and maintenance. The spiral is a four-arm equiangular design wound on a pyramidal structure formed by the center support tower and four catenaries. It is fed using an AP four-port hybrid as protected under US Patent 5189434.

Optional Equipment:

Obstruction lights, erection kit, repair kit with winch, safety climbing equipment. Coaxial cable, connector adapters and mating adapters. Computer controller with RS-232 interface. A 230V 50Hz unit is also available.

Spec Sheet


Port 5 Rotation Speed 0.3 RPM
Power, kW 1
Wind 100 MPH, no ice
Port 5 VSWR 2.5:1
Port 1 VSWR 2:1
Port 3 VSWR 2:1
Port 4 VSWR 2:1
Port 1 Frequency 2-30 MHz
Port 4 Frequency 2-30 MHz
Port 5 Frequency 2-30 MHz
Port 2 VSWR 3.5:1 Max, 2.5:1 Typical
Port 2 Frequency 4-30 MHz
Port 3 Frequency 4-30 MHz
input Impedance 50 Ohms
Port 1 Directive Gain 7 dB
Port 2 Directive Gain 7 dB
Port 3 Directive Gain 7 dB
Port 4 Directive Gain 7 dB
Port 5 Directive Gain 9-12 dB
Port 5 Azimuth Pattern Directional
Port 1 Polarization Elliptical
Port 4 Polarization Elliptical
Erected Dimensions, H x L x W Height 106 Feet; Length 100 Feet; Width 100 Feet
Port 3 Polarization Horizontal
Port 5 Polarization Horizontal
Port 5 Application Long Range
Port 2 Mode Low Angle
Port 3 Mode Low Angle
Port 2 Application Medium Range
Port 3 Application Medium Range
Port 1 Rotation Speed N/A
Port 2 Rotation Speed N/A
Port 3 Rotation Speed N/A
Port 4 Rotation Speed N/A
Port 1 Mode NVIS
Port 4 Mode NVIS
Port 1 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 2 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 3 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 4 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 5 Mode RLPA
Port 1 Application Short Range
Port 4 Application Short Range
Input Connector Type “N”
Port 2 Polarization Vertical