Model MAS-1
HF Multiport Antenna w/RLPA 2-30×2/4-30×2/6-30 MHz 48 ft

Operates as five (5) Separate antennas integrated into one structure. Multiport (4 Omni, 1 Directional) Spiral with 6.2-30 Mhz RLPA.

Frequency Range: 2-30, 4-30, 4-30, 2-30, 6.2-30 MHz
Gain: 7, 7, 7, 7, 9-12 dBi
VSWR: 2:1, 4:1, 2:1, 2:1, 2.5:1
Polarization: Elliptical, Vertical, Horizontal, Elliptical, Horizontal
Pattern: Omni, Omni, Omni, Omni, Directional
Size: 48′ H x 40′ L x 40′ W

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The MAS-1 HF antenna is designed for installations where space is at a premium and the communication requirement is for simultaneous operation on short, medium, and long range HF skywave circuits. The relatively small sized and multifunctional operational capability makes the MAS-1 ideally suited for rooftop or similar limited space sites. A forearm pyramidal spiral is fed with a four port hybrid, providing two short range and two medium range omnidirectional ports. A rotatable log periodic provides a directional fifth port for a long range circuit. The MAS-1 provides full duplex operation on a short range and medium range circuit simultaneously along with half duplex operation on a long range circuit.


The MAS-1 is capable of operating as five (5) separate antennas integrated into one structure. All inputs are isolated from each other permitting full duplex operation on two separate circuits, or three half duplex and one receive only circuit, plus an additional half duplex circuit on the rotatable log periodic. The rotatable log periodic is lightweight and composed primarily of aluminum. The antenna is foreshortened in both length and width to minimize physical size and turning radius. The performance has been maximized consistent with its size. The spiral is a four arm equiangular design wound on a pyramidal structure formed by the center support tower and four catenaries. The catenaries are dielectric with prepositioned element attachment clamps. The elements are constructed from jacketed cables that provide protection from the environment. The support tower is a bolted, all aluminum structure. The antenna is protected under US Patent 5189434.

Optional Equipment:

Obstructions lights, erection kit, repair kit with winch, safety climbing equipment. Coaxial cable, connector adapters and mating adapters. Computer controller with RS-232 interface. A 230V 50Hz unit is also available.

Spec Sheet


Wind Loading 100 MPH, no ice
Port 5 VSWR 2.5:1
Port 1 VSWR 2:1
Port 3 VSWR 2:1
Port 4 VSWR 2:1
Port 1 Frequency 2-30 MHz
Port 4 Frequency 2-30 MHz
Port 2 VSWR 4:1
Port 2 Frequency 4-30 MHz
Port 3 Frequency 4-30 MHz
Port 5 Frequency 6.2-30 MHz
Port 1 Directive Gain 7 dBi
Port 2 Directive Gain 7 dBi
Port 3 Directive Gain 7 dBi
Port 4 Directive Gain 7 dBi
Port 5 Directive Gain 9-12 dBi
Port 5 Azimuth Pattern Directional
Port 1 Polarization Elliptical
Port 4 Polarization Elliptical
Erected Dimensions, H x L x W Height 48 Feet; Length 40 Feet; Width 40 Feet
Port 3 Polarization Horizontal
Port 5 Polarization Horizontal
Port 5 Application Long Range RLPA
Port 2 Application Medium Range Low Angle
Port 3 Application Medium Range Low Angle
Port 1 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 2 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 3 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 4 Azimuth Pattern Omni
Port 1 Application Short Range NVIS
Port 4 Application Short Range NVIS
Input Connector Type “N”
Port 2 Polarization Vertical