Model LPV-1606
HF Long Range LP Dipole Antenna x4 Array 3-30 MHz 200 ft

Four independent LPV-1206 antennas arranged in a rosette configuration about a single tower.

Frequency Range: 3-30 MHz
Gain: 12 dBi
VSWR: 2:1 Max
Polarization: Vertical
Size: 200′ H x 312′ W
Military Nomenclature: AS-4068/FRR
Model Number: LPV-1606
Part Number(s): 1500-0180-201

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The LPV-1206 antenna is a fixed station vertically polarized log periodic dipole antenna suitable for short range ground wave circuits and medium to long range skywave circuits in the 3-30 MHz frequency band.


Multi-stranded wire array, heavy duty aluminum tower, corrosion resistant materials and low maintenance performance are major design achievements incorporated into this antenna, providing lower maintenance cost.


The LPV-1606 antenna utilizes four independent LPV-1206 series curtains arrayed in a rosette configuration about a single support tower and provides independent sector coverage

Equipment Supplied:

Prefabricated alumoweld curtain, 6061-T6 aluminum tower, front pole guy wires, anchors, spare hardware.

Optional Equipment:

Galvanized welded steel tower, balun transformer, wood pole, obstruction lights, ladder, climbing devices, erection kit, repair kit and repair tool kit. Coaxial cable, connector adapters and mating adapters.