Model LPH-30
HF Medium/Long Range RLPA 6-30 MHz 13 dBi

Frequency Range: 6-30 MHz
Gain: 13 dBi
VSWR: 2:1 Max
Polarization: Horizontal
Size: 87′ H (maximum)

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The LPH-30 provides excellent reliability in medium to long range HF circuits. The rotatable antenna allows high power communications between a fixed station and mobile station, such as ships, aircraft or tactical deployments. It is a high strength rotatable log periodic antenna which provides excellent HF performance in the 6-30 Mhz band. It has high gain and high power capability up to 25 kW avg / 50 kW PEP. A rotary joint allows continuous rotation.

The antenna consists of tubular step tapered aluminum elements and a horizontal aluminum boom supported atop a galvanized steel rotating mast. The twin guyed galvanized steel towers restrain and support the mast laterally. A base mounted rotator supports and rotates the mast and array.

Equipment supplied includes the array, mast, support boom, rotator, twin towers, guys, anchors, and remote control box. Available optional equipment includes obstruction lights, climbing devices, electric erection winch, coaxial cable, connectors and computer controller interface.

Spec Sheet


Rotation .5 RPM
Input Connector 1 5/8″ EIA
Wind Loading 120 MPH No Ice, 80 MPH With 0.25 Inch Ice
Gain 13 dBi
Side Lobes 14 dB Minimum
VSWR 2:1 Max Across the Band
Back Lobes 20 dB Nominal
Power Capability 25 KW Avg / 50 KW PEP
input Impedance 50 Ohms Unbalanced
Radius of Rotation 57 Ft
Shipping Volume 580 Cu Ft
Frequency Range 6-30 Mhz
Azimuth Beamwidth 65 Degrees Typical
Erected Dimensions, H x L x W 87 Ft x 66 Ft x 82 Ft
Shipping Weight 9,000 Lbs