Model LPH-0308/TA
HF Tactical LP Antenna 4-30 MHz 8.5-11 dBi 80 Degree 68 ft

Transportable tactical antenna. Designed for rapid installation.

Frequency Range: 4-30 MHz
Gain: 8.5 to 11 dBi
VSWR: 2:1 Max
Polarization: Horizontal
Size: 141′ L x 209′ W x 68′ H

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The LPH-0308/TA is a transportable, horizontally polarized log periodic antenna designed for HF skywave propagation circuits for short and medium paths. The antenna is designed for directional broadband transmitting and receiving in the 4 to 30 Mhz band.


The curtain is made of vinyl coated galvanized aircraft cable. The coating provides corrosion protection and improves the handling of the elements. The transportable tower is made of panels which interconnect with quarter turn fasteners to form triangular sections. Captivated quick release pins are used to connect the sections to form the tower.


The antenna provides an instantaneous bandwidth of 4 to 30 Mhz. The azimuthal -3 dB beam width is typically 80 degrees. The elevation patterns are set to accommodate short to medium skywave paths. The gain varies from a minimum of 8.5 dBi at 4 Mhz to 11 dBi at 30 Mhz.

Equipment Supplied:

The antenna comes equipped with a prefabricated curtain, transportable aluminum tower, guys, front poles, anchors, balun and transit cases.

Spec Sheet


Gain 8.5 to 11 dBi
Power Capability, /2 Version 10 kW avg/20 kW PEP
Height 68 Feet
Wind Loading 120 MPH
Back Lobes 14 dB Minimum
Side Lobes 14 dB Minimum
Frequency Range 4-30 MHz
VSWR 2:1 Maximum
Shipping Volume 40
Width 209 Feet
Azimuth Beamwidth 80 Degrees (Typical)
Length 141 Feet
Input Impedance 50 Ohms Balanced
Shipping Weight 1,000
Power Capability, /1 Version Receiving to 1 kW avg/2 kW PEP