Model ISM45-915-10-T0-N
UHF RFID Antenna Dual Patch Panel 902-928 Mhz 7 dBi

The Phazar ISM45-915-10-T0-N antenna has been designed to accommodate the stringent requirements for IVHS and intermodal transportation applications.

Frequency Range: 902-928 MHz
Gain: 7 dBi min
VSWR: 2:1 nominal
Polarization: Horizontal
Beamwidth: 60 degrees vertical, 44 degrees horizontal
Size: 17.25″ x 10.25″ x 1.5″

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This dual-patch array provides a carefully controlled pattern in both the E-plane and the H-plane to satisfy the demand for a very specific “capture zone” when polling moving vehicles.

The anenna is fabricated from high strength irradiated aluminum to resist corrosion. It comes with a high impact UV-resistant radome. The radiating elements are DC grounded for impulse protection and are designed to yield ultra low cross-polarized radiation levels.

Models are available with mounting hardware accommodating 2″ and 4″ mounting structures.

Spec Sheet

Frequency Range 902 – 928 MHz
VSWR 2:1 Nom (<1.5:1 at 915 +/- 6MHz
Forward Gain 7 dBd (Min)
Polarization Horizontal
Mounting Pole mount standard
Lightning Protection Center conductor gounded
Cross Polarization <-16 dB
Front to Back Ratio >30 dB
Max Wind Speed 125 mph
Dimension, H x W x L 17.25″h x 10.25″w x 1.5″ d
Weight Antenna Weight Antenna Mast 4 lbs max
Horizontal Beamwidth 44 Degrees (Typ)
Vertical Beamwidth 60 Degrees (Typ)
Radome options Pattern made to order- (Chameleon covering).
Connector Location Rear
Termination Type N female w/pig-tail cable
Radome Panel UV resistant ABS, Standard color is white