Model ISM360-2400-10-T0
WiFi Antenna 2400-2500 MHz 10 dBi Omni

Frequency Range: 2400-2485 MHz
Gain: 10 dBi
VSWR: 1.7:1 max
Polarization: Vertical
Beamwidth: 7 degrees vertical, 360 degrees horizontal
Size: 36” L, 1.75″ D

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One-Piece Seamless Fiberglass Radome
Three Color Choices or Will Custom Match

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 2400-2485 MHz
Polarization Vertical
Maximum Power Input 150 Watts Continuous with Type N Connector
Electric Downtilt 1 to 4
Wind, Survival 155 MPH
Lightning Protection Direct Ground
Intermodulation <-150
Horizontal Beamwidth 360
Weight 4.0 lbs
Torsional Moment @ 100 MPH 4.2 ft lbs
Vertical Beamwidth 7
Termination Type N Female
Flat Plate eq. .17
VSWR, Typ/ Max 1.5/1.7
Forward Gain (over half-wave dipole) 10.15 dBi
Dimension (L x W x H) 36 Long x 1.75 Inch OD
Lateral Thrust @ 100 MPH 8 lbs
Mounting Clamps Adjustable Pole Mount