Model HT-30
HF Broadband Transportable Dual Input Antenna CP 3-30 MHz

Frequency Range: 3-30 MHz
VSRW: 2:1 max
Polarization: Circular
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Deployed Size: 30′ H

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The HT-30 3 to 30 MHz antenna is used for short and medium range skywave propagation circuits. It is designed to handle 14 kW transmitters. The antenna is designed for field operations where transportability is essential and erection and disassembly must be accomplished in a minimum time by a minimum number of personnel. The equipment is stored in transportable two-man carry containers. The antenna consists of two orthogonal broadband dipole elements supported by a 30 ft. telescoping mast at the center of the structure. The elements slope radially outward and toward the ground. Each element is made of five phosphor-bronze wires in a fan shaped configuration that terminate to a resistive load to ground. The telescopic mast is pneumatically operated and is designed for rapid deployment of tactical antennas. It is a PM-456 mast that is modified to provide a 30 foot erection height for the antenna matching unit (AMU). The AMU consists of four identical RF units that match the fan dipole elements to 50 ohms.

The elements are fed using a broadband quadrature hybrid which enables the antenna to radiate either right-hand circular or left-hand circular polarization. The hybrid locate at ground level near the base of the mast. The hybrid outputs connect to the AMU by means of four RG-393 coaxial transmission lines

Spec Sheet


Rain Mil-Std-810 Method 506.2, Procedure I, 6.6 Inches/Hour
Lightning All Housings And Dipole Elements Have A DC Path To ground
Salt Fog Mil-Std-810 Method 509.2, Procedure I
Sand & Dust Mil-Std-810 Method 510.2, Procedure II
Disassembly Time 2 Technicians, 2 Hours
Operational Temperature Range -22 Degrees F to 155 Degrees F
Storage Temperature Range -40 Degrees F to 160 Degrees F
Elevation Pattern, Below 8 MHz Beam Max At The Zenith
Elevation Pattern, Above 8 MHz Beam Max No Lower Than 12 Degrees Above The Horizon
Solar Radiation Mil-Std-810 Method 505.2, Procedure II
Communications Range Short to Medium Range Skywave
Altitude Up To 40,000 feet
Gain, 4-30 MHz, dBi 0 dBi Minimum
Radius 104 feet
Power Capability 14 kW Average
Number of Inputs 2
Installation Time 2 Technicians 90 Minutes Not Including Anchors
VSWR 2:1 Maximum
Frequency Range 3 to 30 MHz
Height 30 feet
Gain, 3-4 MHz, dBi -4 dBi Minimum
Snow 40 PSF
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Weight 700 lbs
Wind & Ice 90 MPH, No Ice
Fungus Mil-Std-810 Method 508.3
Vibration, Packed Mil-Std-810 Method 514.3, Procedure II
Shock, Packed Mil-Std-810 Method 516.3, Procedure II
Azimuth Patterns, 16 to 30 MHz Omni +/- 3 dB
Azimuth Patterns, 3-15 MHz Omni +/- 1.5 dB
Polarization Right-Hand Circular Or Left-Hand Circular
Operation Modes Transmit
Relative Humidity Up to 100%