VHF Mobile Antenna Omni 30-108 MHz

Frequency Range: 30-108 MHz
Gain: -3.5 dBi
VSWR: 3:1
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 11.48′ H

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The DPV-94 is a VHF dipole operating over the frequency range of 30-108 MHz with a 3:1 VSWR and handles 125 watts of RF average power. This antennas has been designed for vehicular mounting and has been tested to severe environmental requirements. This antenna is also designed to handle unique cosite system problems.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 30-108 MHz
Gain VHF, -3.5 dBi
Azimuth Coverage +/- .5
Power Capability VHF, 125 Watts
input Impedance 50 Ohms
Size 11.48 ft, Height
Finish CARC green 383
MTBF >30,000 Hours
Tie-Down 60 degrees from vertical
Altitude Method 500.2 Procedure I, II and III
Low Temp Method 502.2, -51 degrees C non-operating and -40 degrees C operating
Temp Shock Method 503.2, -51 degrees C to 48 degrees C, power off condition
Solar Radiation Method 505.2, Procedure I, Hot-Dry temperature conditions
Rain Method 506.2, Procedure III
Fungus Method 508.2, Procedure I
Salt Fog Method 509.2, Procedure I
Sand & Dust Method 510.2, Procedure I and II
Immersion Method 512.2, Procedure I, 2 hours at a 1.0 meter depth
Vibration Method 514.2, Categories 1, 3 and 8
Shock Method 516.2, Procedures I, IV, V and VI
Icing / Freezing Rain Method 521.2, 6 mm and 13 mm thick ice
Exposure to Power Lines 13.2 Kv
Shipping Weight 33.1 lbs
High Temp Method 501.2, 63 degrees C non-operating and 48 degrees C operating
Humidity Method 507.2, Procedure III
Input Connector VHF, 1 each, Type “N”