VHF Mobile Collinear Antenna Omni 30-108 MHz

Frequency Range: 30-108 MHz
Gain: -7 dBi
VSWR: 3:1
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 11.48′ H

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The DPV-93 consists of the same dipole as the DPV-94 along with a VHF hybrid and antenna simulator to provide two RF ports with a minimum isolation of -20 dB between the ports. This arrangement accommodates either 2 independent 125 watt radios or else one 250 watt radio and a receiver.

This antennas has been designed for vehicular mounting and has been tested to severe environmental requirements. This antenna is also designed to handle unique co-site system problems.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range VHF, 30-108 MHz
Gain VHF, -7 dBi
input Impedance 50 Ohms
MTBF >30,000 Hours
Tie-Down 60 degrees from vertical
Altitude Method 500.2 Procedure I, II and III
Low Temp Method 502.2, -51 degrees C non-operating and -40 degrees C operating
Temp Shock Method 503.2, -51 degrees C to 48 degrees C, power off condition
Solar Radiation Method 505.2, Procedure I, Hot-Dry temperature conditions
Rain Method 506.2, Procedure III
Fungus Method 508.2, Procedure I
Salt Fog Method 509.2, Procedure I
Sand & Dust Method 510.2, Procedure I and II
Vibration Method 514.2, Categories 1, 3 and 8
Shock Method 516.2, Procedures I, IV, V and VI
Icing / Freezing Rain Method 521.2, 6 mm and 13 mm thick ice
Azimuth Coverage +/- .5
Size 11.48 ft, Height
Exposure to Power Lines 13.2 Kv
Isolation, V-V, dB -20
Weight 33.1 lbs
Finish CARC green paint
High Temp Method 501.2, 63 degrees C non-operating and 48 degrees C operating
Humidity Method 507.2, Procedure III
Immersion Method 512.2, Procedure I, 2 hours at a 1.0 meter depth
Input Connector VHF, 2 each, Type “N”
Power Capability VHF, 250 Watts