Model DPV-36
VHF Dual Band Antenna 142.25in Omni 118-137/118-137 MHz

Frequency Range: 118-137/118-137 MHz
Gain: 0 dBi
VSWR: 2.0:1
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 142.25″ L
NSN: 5985-01-053-5108
Model Number: DPV-36
Part Number(s): 1000-0877-203

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The DPV-36 antenna consists of two vertically polarized, omni-directional, dipole antennas, each covering the frequency range of 116 to 137 MHz. The dipole elements are mounted one above the other on a common axis. These dipoles are sealed in a single fiberglass radome that provides both mechanical stability and environmental protection. The antenna is designed for ground-to-air communication and use in an extreme environment. It is provided with a coaxial mounting arrangement to mount atop a 2 ½ inch IPS pipe, shielding the electrical connections away from the environment.