Model DP-312T
HF Quick Erect Wideband Dipole Antenna 3-30 MHz

Frequency Range: 3-30 MHz
VSWR (3-12 MHz): 2:1
VSWR (>12 MHz): 3:1
Polarization: Horizontal
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 48’x60’x220′ H L W

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The wideband dipole antenna, Type DP-312T, is a lightweight, rugged, quick-erect antenna suitable for short range, propagation at HF frequencies. Comprised of a preassembled dipole antenna, an aluminum support mast, dielectric guys with drive stakes or screw in anchors, a balun transformer, and a resistive termination. The entire antenna will withstand harsh environment and winds up to 100 mph.

Spec Sheet


Impedance 50 OHMS (Normal)
Power Capability Transmitting Version 1 kW
Wind Loading 100 mph winds
Weight 150 lbs (Max)
VSWR (3-12 MHz) 2:1
VSWR (>12 MHz) 3:1
Frequency Range 3-30 MHz
Dimensions (Installed) 48′ H x 60′ L x 220′ W
Power Capability Receiving Version Receiving Only