HF Wideband Dipole Antenna 3-12 MHz

Frequency Range: 3-12 MHz
VSWR: 2.0:1
Size: 48’x60’x220′ H W L

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Additional Product Info

Applications: The Dipole DP-312L HF wideband antenna is designed for short to medium range propagation. Features: The DP-312L has a low installation cost while providing dependable HF communication service. All materials used in construction of the antenna have excellent corrosion resistance. Characteristics: The DP-312L fixed station version is constructed of alumoweld wire and is supported by a lightweight lattice aluminum tower. The antenna will operate down to 2 MHz with reduced efficiency. Equipment Supplied: Dipole array, feed line, balun transformer, termination, lattice tower, guy anchors. Optional Equipment: Obstruction lights, transit case.

Spec Sheet


Input Connector Type “N” Female
Power Capability 1 kW AVG/2 kW PEP
Wind Loading 100 MPH
Shipping Volume 12
VSWR 2:1 Maximum
Shipping Weight 200
Frequency Range 3-12 MHz
Height 48 Feet