Model DP-312
HF Tactical Wideband Dipole Antenna 2-30 MHz

Frequency Range: 2-30 MHz
Gain: -11 dBi
VSWR: 3.0:1 max
Polarization: Horizontal
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Size: 142.25″ L

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The Dp-312 is a transportable, wideband HF antenna designed for short range skywave circuits. The horizontal polarization permits operation over all types of soil conditions without the need for a ground screen. The antenna operates over the 2 to 30 Mhz band with some performance degradation, however a tuning unit or coupler is not needed over the 2 to 30 Mhz band.


The DP-312 utilizes a 50 foot telescoping mast to enhance transportability and provides ease of erection and disassembly. Air dampened retraction is used to ensure smooth, safe operation of the telescoping mast. The antenna is lightweight, rugged and can be erected by two men in 30 minutes.


The DP-312 has a gain of -11 dBi at 2 Mhz, the gain increases to -5 dBi at 8 Mhz and above. The VSWR is 2.0:1 or less over the 2 to 20 Mhz band and 3.0:1 from 20 to 30 Mhz. At the lower frequencies, the maximum radiation is toward the zenith and the azimuth patterns are essentially omnidirectional. The antenna is designed for 1 kW average, 2 kW PEP.

Optional Equipment:

Transit case and obstruction lighting kit.

Spec Sheet


Wind 100 MPH
Input Connector Type N
Power Capability 1 kW Average / 2 kW PEP
Gain, 2 MHz -11 dBi
Frequency Range 2-30 MHz
VSWR 3.0:1 Maximum
Dimention, H x W x L 48 x 60 x 220
Gain, 8 MHz -5 dBi
Input Impedance 50 Ohms Unbalanced
Elevation Coverage Beam Maximum at Zenith Below 8 MHz
Polarization Horizontal
Azimuth Coverage Omni, +/- 3 dB