Model DME-960
Omni-directional Antenna 960-1215 MHz Coverage

Frequency Range: 960-1215 MHz (instantaneous bandwidth)
Gain (Main Beam): 9.5 dBi typical, 8.5 dBi minimum
VSWR (max): 1.8:1 max (50 Ω)
Polarization: Vertical
Main Beam Elevation Pattern: Beam Peak 3.5°+1.5° above the horizon

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The DME-960 is an omni-directional UHF antenna designed for ground-to-air line-of-sight circuits used with distance measuring equipment (DME) systems. The 12 element array antenna is vertically polarized with an instantaneous bandwidth of 960-1215 MHz (no tuner) and has a 5000 watt peak power capacity at typical DME pulse duty cycle. The DME-960 has two coupling ports for signal monitoring. It is manufactured and operates in accordance with FAA-E-2996. The DME-960 is robust and designed for long-term, reliable operation. Also available with obstruction light as an option.

Spec Sheet


Frequency Range 960-1215 MHz (instantaneous bandwidth)
VSWR (max) 1.8:1 max (50 Ω)
Gain (Main Beam) 9.5 dBi typical, 8.5 dBi minimum
Polarization Vertical
Main Beam Elevation Pattern Beam Peak 3.5°+1.5° above the horizon
Azimuth Pattern 360° +/- 1 dB
Azimuth Ripple +/- 0.5 dB
Power Input 5 kW peak at 3% duty cycle


Connector (RF) N Female (qty 3)
Connector (Monitor Port) N Female (2) -25 dB +1 dB
Connector (Power) MS3116E12-3S (for optional obstruction light)
Mounting 3/8” bolts (6) on a 6” bolt circle
Radome Fiberglass
Color White
Radome Diameter 2.43”O.D.
Base Diameter 7” O.D.
Length 77 5/8”(excludingObstructionLight
Weight 10 lbs
Wind Survival 100 MPH (162 km) with 1” radial ice
Lightning Protection Direct Ground
Temperature -50°C – +70°C
Environmental Meets FAA-G-2100c environment III, FAA-E-
2754 and MIL STD 810 Environmental