Model CRV-1608M
VHF Transportable Corner Reflector Antenna 88-108 MHz 10 dBi

Frequency Range: 88-108 MHz
Gain: 10 dBi
VSWR: 2:1 max
Size: 86″ H x 49″ D x 95″ W

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These rugged corner reflector antennas are designed for use in VHF communications circuits requiring improved electrical performance and resistance to extreme environments. The low side and back lobes make corner reflectors antennas well-suited to applications where interference may be encountered or where a very low level of coupling to other antennas on the same tower is desired.


The broadband performance of a corner reflector makes it useable when a number of transmitters are multicoupled into one antenna. Rugged construction, corrosion resistance, and proven design make these antennas applicable to your most demanding requirements. When additional gain in required on a circuit, corner reflectors can be arrayed by using special wiring harnesses which are available as optional equipment. The CRV-1600M series antennas are lightweight, transportable antennas specifically designed for use with mobile applications. All hardware is captive and no tools are required for installation.