Model CEL806-080-12-T6
Beamwidth Cellular Panel Antenna

12 dBd 80 Degree Beamwidth Cellular Panel Antenna

  • 806-894 MHz, 14 dBi 80º Sector


Phazar Model 806 series cellular panel antennas are wideband single-beam antennas featuring a low-profile flat panel design. The thin, unobstrusive panels are available with vinyl Chameleon coverings in a wide variety of designs. These coverings enable the panels to blend almost invisibly with building walls, thus reducing installation objections and speeding cell site approval. The antennas achieve long-term elimination of intermodulation (IM) distortion through quality construction derived from decades of military experience, plus a special design that eliminates internal contacts that can generate IM distortion. Beams can be factory engineered for electrical downtilt. Mechanical downtilt and pole mount brackets are also available to increase installation options. Model nomenclature explanation.


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Beamwidth Cellular Panel Antenna”

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