VHF Bicone Tactical Antenna Omni 30-88 MHz

Frequency Range: 30-88 MHz
Gain: 1.5 dBi Minimum
VSWR: 2.5:1 Max
Polarization: Vertical
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Deployed Size: 3' Diameter x 17'

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Additional Product Info

GSA-badge Applications: The BCV-3088 is a militarized omnidirectional transportable VHF antenna designed for point to point and ground to air communications circuits and for ECM applications. The antenna is vertically polarized and has an instantaneous bandwidth of 30 to 88 Mhz. The antenna is designed for shelter top mounting or other similar surface mounting. The lightweight, quick erect, rugged design makes the BCV-3088 highly suited for rapid deployment requirements. Features: The antenna is a small cone angle, biconical antenna. The radiating elements are constructed using a fiberglass lay-up over the conductor. The elements disassemble into 52 inch long, lightweight sections. The fiberglass support mast is sectionalized into 3 parts. The coax feed cable is routed through the mast and contains chokes to isolate the cable from the radiating structure. The matching network is housed within a protective shroud located at the apex of each cone. A durable canvas bag is supplied to protect and contain the antenna during storage. Characteristics: The antenna is capable of handling up to 1000 watts of RF power anywhere within the 30 to 88 Mhz band. The input VSWR is less than 2.5:1 with respect to 50 ohms. The time required to install the antenna is less than 10 minutes using two persons.