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** Please note: Our Phazar DAS antenna product line now has a new dedicated website located at www.phazar.com. Please click here to view Antenna Products’ DAS products at the new Phazar website. Thank you! **

Antenna Products Corp., “Phazar” brand, focuses on commercial wireless antenna systems for use by wireless service providers, WiMAX, WiFi and wireless internet broadband communications system suppliers and other wireless applications for 144 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies. Phazar Antenna Corp. Offers a broad line of antennas in omni-directional (single and dual band) and directional antennas in the sector, panel, waveguide, horn and Yagi configurations.

Phazar’s DAS Antennas (Distributed Antenna Systems) and DAS Antenna mounting hardware have been developed to augment existing base station system coverage in major metropolitan areas on street lights, utility poles and monopoles for future advanced mobile services. Combinations of 700 MHz, Cellular/SMR, PCS and AWS frequencies are combined in single, dual and quad antenna configurations and Tri-Sector antennas for either sector or quasi-omni area coverage.

Phazar’s high performance base station antennas has been developed for WiFi and WiMAX broadband infrastructure and backhaul systems. The new product lines offer high gain performance with superior null-fill beam-forming features that improve the coverage under the antenna horizon for MIMO applications in BRS/MMDS, WCS/WiBro, Wireless Local Loop, WiFi and UNII-Band systems.

Phazar also offers standard and custom designed antennas used in asset-tracking, public safety, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), transportation communication systems, L-Band terrestrial broadband systems and GPS location based services.

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