Shipboard Antennas/Tilt Units

Including VHF, UHF and HF from 2 MHz to 520 MHz, tilt units, as well as whip tilt units that allow HF whips to be rapidly lowered for flight operations.

SB VHF: series antennas include the one transmitting up to 800 watts power between 30-88 MHz and one transmitting up to 100 watts power between 115-162 MHz. Both provide vertically polarized, omnidirectional azimuth radiation pattern coverage over the specified frequency range.

SB UHF: series antennas, each transmitting in different frequencies between 225 to 520 MHz and in different average power ranges from 100 watts to 1 kW. These UHF shipboard antennas are designed for transmit and receive applications and all provide vertically polarized, omni-directional coverage within the specified frequency ranges.

MPS HF: series antennas include two Broadband and one Whip antenna, vertically polarized; all with a bandwidth frequency of 2-30 MHz, one powered up to 1kW and one to 8 kW on average and a HF Whip antenna designed for general purpose marine environment shipboard applications powered up to 5 kW average

Tilt Antenna: The STU series includes one single antenna tilt unit and one dual antenna, both with modular electromechanical systems for lowering and raising single shipboard communication.

Telescoping Mast Antennas: Two shipboard composite telescoping masts are pushup, lightweight rapid erect masts utilized for elevating transportable antennas or test probes from 6 to 10 meters in height.

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