Tactical Antennas

Antennas: Navigation (ILS) 108-118 MHz Yagi Array Antennas for monitoring the signal of a localizer array. 108-112 MHz localizer array antennas and traveling wave antennas and Glide Slope Antennas used to provide vertical guidance, all used with instrument landing localizer systems to provide azimuth guidance to aircraft for accurate alignment with runway centerline during approach and landing under instrument flight rules. Yagi 118-136 MHz Ground to Air communications antennas. 108-118 MHz Omnidirectional – VHF Omnirange Test (VOT) Antenna for use in airport test facility applications, transmitting a composite test signal for calibration of aircraft VOR equipment.

Accessories: PROBE used to measure the amplitude and relative phase probe between the 3 dipole elements in the Glideslope antenna and Portable V-Ring Localizer Test Kits for use in installation and alignment of the ILS V-ring localizer antenna array.

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