Rotatable LP Antennas

LPH Series:
Rotatable log periodic antennas, providing excellent reliability, these rotatable antennas allow high power communications between a fixed station and mobile station, such as ships, aircraft or tactical deployments.

Medium to long range HF circuits:
Light Weight: Withstand windload of 100 MPH, 6.2-30 MHz 1 kW, 6.2 to 30 MHz band, 2-30 MHz, 1 kW and 6.2-30 MHz, 4 kW

Medium Weight:
Withstand windload of 120 MPH with Tubular Elements, 6.5-30 MHz, 25 kW, 6-30 MHz, 25 kW and 4-30 MHz, 25 kW

Heavy Weight:
Withstand windload of 150 MPH, 4-30 MHz, 25 kW and 2-30 MHz, 20 kW

Medium range sky wave circuits:
Steerable azimuth, tilted array with respect to ground to provide slowly varying elevation patterns with frequency and Tubular Elements, Withstand windload of 150 MPH, 4-30 MHz, Receive Only, 4-30 MHz, 50 kW, 4-30 MHz, 25 kW

MAS Series:
Rotatable log periodic Multi-Port Spiral antennas, all with 1 Directional port and 4 omni-directional ports, designed for installations where space is at a premium and the communication requirement is for simultaneous operation on short, medium, and long range HF skywave circuits. Available are RLPA 2-30 MHz with 6.2-30 MHz, 2-30 MHz Heavyweight with 6-30 MHz, 2-30 MHz with 2-30 MHz Multifunctional, providing five independent antenna modes and 2-30 MHz with 4-30 MHz Multiport Antenna System also providing five independent antenna modes.

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