HF Fixed LP Antennas

Light Weight High Strength Rotatable Log Periodic Antennas: Providing excellent HF performance, LPH-1 6.2 to 30 MHz band and LPH-1A 2-30 MHz band, both at 1 kW and the LPH-1B 6.2-30 MHz, 4 kW.

Tilted Array Broadband, Log Periodic, Azimuth Steerable Antennas: Providing excellent reliability 4-30 MHz in medium to long range HF circuits including the LPH-24 at 25 kW. Medium range sky wave circuit antennas include the LPH-27A, Receive Only; LPH-27B 50 kW and LPH-27C, 25 kW, all with Tubular Element.

Rotatable Log Periodic Antennas: Providing excellent reliability in medium to long range HF circuits, allowing high power communications between a fixed stations and mobile stations, such as ships, aircraft or tactical deployments. They include the LPH-30 6-30 MHz, 25 kW, LPH-89 4-30 MHz, 25 kW, LPH-89I 2-30 MHz, 20 kW, LPH-89 (a heavy weight) and LPH-9 6.5-30 MHz, 25 kW.

Multifunctional Spiral HF: Multiport antenna systems (MAS) designed for installations where space is at a premium and the communication requirements are for several circuits simultaneously having a variety of path lengths. All Multi-Port HF antennas include 4 Omni and 1 Directional port in frequencies ranging from 2-30 MHz.

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