Intelligent Transportation / Broadband WiFi

PHAZAR has developed several new product lines of high performance base station antennas that enhance the performance of the latest WiMAX and WiFi broadband infrastructure for both fixed wireless and mobile wireless applications. The new product lines offer high gain performance in conjunction with superior null-fill beam-forming features that improve coverage under the antenna horizon for base station sites. Our base station antennas are designed for rugged environmental conditions yet are light-weight for easier installation. A variety of complimentary antennas are also offered for omni-directional and waveguide, horn, panel and yagi antennas offering narrow beam performance for CPE applications. Dual polarized and Dual Omni’s are also available in several frequency ranges for use in MIMO applications or DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) sites.

2300 to 2700 MHz – Our base station antennas in the frequency range can support three different spectrum of applications from 2300 to 2400 for WCS / WiBRO applications, 2400 to 2500 ISM band license free spectrum or 2500 to 2700 MHz for BRS / MMDS licensed spectrum. Omni-directional and Dual Polarized and Tri-Sector antennas have also been developed for the 2500 to 2700 MHz range. A variety of beam-widths are available from 65, 90 and 120 degrees in two different panel antenna sizes.

5100 to 5900 MHz – A new product line has been developed covering from 5100 to 5900 MHz in 65, 90 and 120 degree HZ beam-widths that also offers the high gain performance and null-fill beam-forming feature. This extremely small and lightweight design is ideal for unlicensed spectrum in point to point and point to multipoint applications. We have also developed a Dual Band panel antenna with two connector outputs combining the 2300 to 2700 MHz and 5100 to 5900 MHz antennas in one small package.

3300 to 3800 MHz – New product ranges are available for the new 3.65 GHz band that will see increasing use in the US for many broadband applications. Omni-directional, waveguide, horn, panel and omni-directional antennas are available.

2000 to 2300 MHz – Base station antennas for frequencies that are being used in several international locations are available with the same high gain and null-fill beam-forming features in 65, 90 and 120 degree HZ beam-width styles.

PSB (Public Safety Band) – Omni-directional, waveguide / horn antennas and panel antennas are available to support the 4.9 GHz spectrum that is being used for public safety.

L-Band – New omni-directional and panel antennas are being developed for the 1525 to 1661 MHz as this new frequency band is being touted as the next new spectrum for terrestrial based systems from satellite services.

ISM / 900 MHz – Standard and custom panel and waveguide antennas have been developed to address the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) for toll booth and road monitoring services and railroad applications. This frequency is being used for Scada systems and AMR (automatic meter reading) applications as well.