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NSN#, Model No., Description

5825-00-243-9084, SX-32, Phaser Assembly

5985-00-127-3306, SB-201/1, Shipboard Antenna

5985-00-895-1177, DC-2250, Discone Antenna

5985-01-048-0147, GS-2, Glide Slope Antenna Assy

5985-01-050-7520, YG-118, Yagi Antenna

5985-01-050-7521, DPV-37, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-050-7522, DPV-35, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-050-7523, DPV-38, Collinear Antenna UHF/VHF

5985-01-050-7524, DPV-39, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-050-7525, DPV-40, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-053-5108, DPV-36, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-058-1383, SPR-330/2, Antenna

5985-01-063-1474, DPV-70, UHF/VHF Antenna 116-150 & 225-400

5985-01-093-2125, LPH-89, Horizontal Log Periodic (HW RLP Antenna)

5985-01-106-0309, DC-190, Discone Antenna

5985-01-116-0310, DC-80, Discone Antenna

5985-01-116-1833, LPH-1, Horizontal Log Periodic RLPA

5985-01-119-9406, CRV-1060, Antenna

5985-01-141-5798, SB-102/1, Shipboard Antenna

5985-01-154-7328, DPV-60, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-255-3493, SB-101/1, Shipboard

5985-01-312-0453, DPV-40B, Collinear Antenna

5985-01-313-6891, LPH-89H, Horizontal Log Periodic RLPA

5985-01-318-7765, VOT-1, Antenna Assy

5985-01-332-0316, DC-30, Discone Antenna

5985-01-332-3404, VT-4, Vertical Transportable HF Whip Antenna

5985-01-332-9459, VT-3, VHF Antenna

5985-01-332-9460, DPV-63, UHF 2 Stack Antenna Sys

5985-01-332-9461, DPV-63, Vertical Dipole Antenna

5985-01-383-0486, GS-3, Antenna Element

5985-01-383-0587, FFM-1, Antenna Element

5985-01-396-0737, DC-400, Discone Antenna

5985-01-413-4613, OA-9242A(V)2/SR, Antenna Group

5985-01-413-4614, OA-9243A(V)1/SR, Antenna Group

5985-01-413-4615, OA-9242A(V)1/SR, Antenna Group

5985-01-413-4616, OA-9243A(V)2/SR, Antenna Group

5985-01-461-4615, SM-159B, Balun

5985-01-464-1430, DPV-75, JTIDS Omni Antenna

5985-01-494-9677, DPR-4A, Right Hand Circular Antenna

5985-01-494-9681, DPL-4A, Left Hand Circular Antenna

5985-01-506-7124, DPV-51, Collinear Antenna

6625-01-366-6311, MI-3, Probe Subassembly

Cancelled: 5985-01-160-5101 , LPH-89B, Horizontal Log Periodic

Cancelled: 5985-01-208-5449, LPM-28D, Cross Log Periodic

Cancelled: 5985-01-208-5450, LPM-28E, Cross Log Periodic

Cancelled: 5985-01-208-5451, LPM-28F, Cross Log Periodic