HF Antennas

With one of the broadest product lines of HF antennas in the world, Antenna Products is the trusted manufacturer of mission-critical HF communications equipment for military, defense and governmental agencies everywhere. The HF applications supported by our high-quality antennas include ground-to-air, ground-to-ground, sea-to-shore, and over the horizon radar communication systems. With decades of proven performance through thousands of global antenna deployments, our clients have come to expect the superior performance, high quality and value that Antenna Products offers.

Military Antennas

Fixed Station Log Periodic HF

Short, medium, and long range fixed log periodic HF antennas including dipole and steerable beam models.

Military Antennas

Fixed Station Omnidirectional HF

Omnidirectional HF antennas including log periodic spirals, conical monopoles, inverted cones and circular arrays.

Military Antennas

Tactical & Portable HF

Transportable HF antenna products including dual input, spirals, dipoles and sloping vee models.

Military Antennas

Rotatable Log Periodic HF

Medium and long range rotatable log periodics including multifunctional models.

Military Antennas

Shipboard HF Whips

Broadband shipboard whip antennas designed to withstand extreme marine environments.

Military Antennas

Multiport HF Antennas

Multifunctional HF antennas feature relatively small size and multiple inputs for limited space sites.