Commercial Antenna Towers

Antenna Products is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial antenna towers from 10-150 feet, including RTR guyed and self-supporting configurations for military and defense, aviation, transportation and carrier industry applications. Our RTR (remote transmitter/receiver) towers meet or exceed the requirements of FAA-C-2621, and also utilize A-36 steel which is hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-123. RTR towers also include a ladder in accordance with OSHA requirements, as well as safety climbing rail in accordance with Interim Federal Specification RR-S-001301 and MIL-S-87966, work platform, antenna supports, embedment hardware, guy wires (if applicable), and anchors. Optional features include obstruction marking orange and white paint, lighting kit, grounding kit and guy kit.

We can custom build antenna towers to your exact specifications. Call us at 940-325-3301, or contact us here for more information.

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