We distribute a a wide variety of antenna product accessories including self-supporting and guyed RTR antenna towers, tower safety climbing equipment, shipboard tilt units, antenna rotators, HF balun transformers, surge arrestors, and the Chameleon antenna concealment product.  Our Safety Climb equipment has been tested and approved as the preferred fall arrestor product by the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy.

Antenna Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial antenna towers from 10-150 feet, including RTR guyed and self-supporting configurations for military and defense, aviation, transportation and carrier industry applications.  In addition, APC is also the leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of fall prevention tower Safety Climbing equipment and accessories.

Antenna Towers

Commercial and industrial antenna towers from 10-150 feet, including RTR towers that meet or exceed the requirements of FAA-C-2621, as well as self-supporting or guyed towers.

Climbing Equipment

Our Tubular and T-Rail Safety Climb equipment has been tested and approved as the preferred fall arrestor product by the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy. Tower ladders and harnesses also available.

Shipboard Tilt Units

Shipboard antenna tilt units for lowering and raising single and dual shipboard communication antennas such as shipboard whips. Heavy duty and lightweight models are available.

Chameleon Covering™

Chameleon™ antennas coverings are the ideal solution to the problem of obtaining sell-site approvals in those communities that enforce strict ordinances against unsightly antenna installations.

HF Balun Transformers

We manufacture HF balun transformers that are 97% efficient and can be supplied in various power levels with input and output impedance to match most requirements.