Antenna Products Announces Major Upgrade to Test Range Facility

Mineral Wells, Texas – June 20, 2017 Antenna Products Corporation (“Antenna Products”) announces today that it has completed a major renovation and upgrade of its antenna radiation pattern testing facility in Mineral Wells, Texas. These upgrades dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of the test range, allowing for improved testing results for antennas with diverse […]

Case Study: TLP-20CC Conductive Composite Antenna

Case Study: Large portable antenna goes lightweight with conductive composites CFRP matches metal performance at one-third the weight thanks to innovative materials and precision manufacturing. Design Results: Thin-film and nano-enabled conductive composite technology outperforms metal antennas at one-third the weight. Composite construction offers superior strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance vs. metal antennas without a significant […]

Antenna Products Launches New Triple and Quad AWS/PCS Wideband DAS Antennas

Mineral Wells, Texas – December 17, 2015 Antenna Products Corporation has announced the launch of two new Phazar antennas designed to meet the growing demand for small cell and oDAS (outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions of mobile operators and wireless carriers. These new antennas are part of Antenna Products’ ongoing commitment to provide reliable, high-quality […]

Antenna Products announces new Phazar antennas for growing oDAS market

Mineral Wells, Texas – October 22, 2015 Antenna Products Corporation has announced the development of three new Phazar antennas designed to meet the growing demand for small cell and oDAS (outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions of mobile operators and wireless carriers. These new antennas will cover both the WCS and WiFi band (2.3 to 2.5 […]

Product Feature: Phazar Dual AWS/PCS antennas for DAS and Small Cell applications

Antenna Products’ Phazar Dual AWS/PCS antennas, developed for DAS and small cell applications, offer an ideal solution for commercial wireless carriers that want to focus on the AWS band (1710 to 2155 MHz) and/or PCS band (1850 to 1990 MHz) using a single antenna system. Phazar antennas are currently being utilized by every major wireless […]

Antenna Products’ next-gen Conductive Composite Antenna Systems enter product development phase

Mineral Wells, Texas – July 22, 2015 — Antenna Products Corp. has announced that their new conductive composite antenna systems have entered the product development phase, with key personnel from APC and North Fork Composites meeting recently in Woodland, WA to begin antenna element design. These next-generation conductive composite antennas, designed primarily for military and […]

Antenna Products Corp. introduces leading edge SATCOM antenna system

Mineral Wells, Texas – May 14, 2015 —Antenna Products Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of military and commercial antenna systems, has unveiled the TACSAT-214 SATCOM antenna. Custom engineered for Special Operations Soldiers, this holster-worn mobile antenna system is a rugged, lightweight solution that allows for quick deployment and reliable performance during mission-critical operations. These […]

Antenna Products President elected Co-Chairman of High Frequency Industry Association

Mineral Wells, Texas – March 26, 2015 —The President of Antenna Products Corporation, Robert Fitzgerald, has been elected co-chairman of the High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA). Fitzgerald’s term began in February, 2015 and will run for two years. The HFIA provides a forum for the interactive exchange of technical ideas, information and latest developments in […]

Antenna Products Corporation Awarded NATO Brass Poland Contract to Supply HF Antennas

Mineral Wells, Texas – January 27, 2015 — Antenna Products Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality antenna systems for military, aviation, electronic toll and communication applications, has been awarded a contract to supply the majority of the high frequency (HF) antennas to be deployed as part of the NATO Broadcast, Maritime Rear […]